Technology sucks

Sorry ladies and gents my net has dropped out for the last few days. Fingers crossed the host sorts it out tomorrow

In the mean time here are some snaps from my iPhone.

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10 Responses to Technology sucks

  1. tony starr says:

    love the triumph? parked in front of the XP!

  2. tony starr says:

    that would of been me, yeah. i was there briefly. i also noticed another guy there with a film leica!

    • Haha brilliant! Another leica lover! Is it an m8?? What lenses?? Sorry mate I love anything leica hah

      If the film leica was a silver and black m2 that’d be me!

      • tony starr says:

        ah damn, if only i’d known. mine is actually a M9. on the weekend it was wearing an older 50 f/1.4 lux but i also have a new 35 f/2 cron for it. i’m still getting used to looking through the viewfinder with my right eye.

      • An m9??? Wow now that’s impressive!!! How long have you had that bad boy for?? Very nice lens choice. I’d love to own a set of 35-50-90 lux lenses with a noctilux 50mm thrown in for good measure! Ha

        Next time there’s a show on I’ll have to keep an eye out for you. I’d love to have a squiz at the m9!!

        Are you lefty??

  3. tony starr says:

    i am a lefty. and learning to look through a different eye is a challenge.

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