First up.  Luke at fuel magazine and the Vultures cc put on a launch party for issue 6 at rancho delux last Sunday. Was a great day out in the sun! a massive turnout, decent bbq, and plenty of talk! photos to come!

Some friends of mine have already got photos up so please have a squizz.

http://xwattsx.blogspot.com/ http://maddtwatter.tumblr.com/ – My lovely lady bought herself a Canon g12. I previoulsy had a g9 as a travel buddy and i loved it. However the g12 is killer!!

from cars, to bikes, to the Austrian alps. My good friend, Bel, is living in Amsterdam and decided a weekend of snowboarding was on the cards. This is the their view…..

Jamuary was a over a month ago now, bit of a wait, but worth it in my eyes as some of the images were printed in the latest issue of focalpoint bmx magazine-check the links-The BMX GAMES are back on, and this time in the A.C.T. As  i’m broke and cant attend, i thought it’d be fitting to post some bmx photos!

Dre and the guys at Sanction are doing their upmost best to keep the north east bmx scene alive and thriving, and this event is a perfect example. well done guys

i processed these in a “vintage” look……..this is what i came up with. It was my first time attempting it, and i have learnt a few lessons. what do you think??

Dean Manson and Cam Pianta (above)  were stand out riders. To much style.

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4 Responses to JAMUARY 2011

  1. jack bleasdale says:


  2. Bel says:

    Thanks for putting up my pic!!! The Jamuary shots are sick… xxx

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