Last sunday was the second launch party held by Fuel magazine and the Vultures Car Club. I was super stoked at the turn out this time round, as there were almost twice as many cars all lined up and down the street outside of the fantastic Rancho Delux hotrod shop. Two close buddies of mine towed down Allan Briotti’s (R.I.P), Karmann Ghia. As Allan was the brain behind the wild raw VW in issue 6, Simon thought it’d would be a perfect chance to show off Allan’s other pride and joy. The engine was seized, however, we still had a blast pushing it around like a billy cart.

thanks to Tenna and Avalon for putting up with my led foot sunday morning!

i also burned about 2 rolls of arista premium with my Leica m2…….one day i’ll get around to scanning!

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  1. tony starr says:

    great work with these photographs chris. really inspiring. hope luke has room in issue 7 for these!

    • woah, thanks tony! super stoked your digging them. this is one of the first times i’ve actually been happy with how the colours turned out, still alot of improving is need though. hahaha thanks buddy!

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