Not much of an introduction here, and nor is it needed. Tattoo’s and custom cars with a background tune remincsing the 50’s. A good day? hell yeah!!

Again, no photos of bands. Its very much unlike me to miss a good hoe down, so i’m not sure what the hell was going on.

Show & Shine coming in the next few days.

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  1. Sandie says:

    Sigh…I am lamenting being born into the wrong era. Loving the vintage post processing cooper, fits with the theme and gives the pics an element of authenticity. Dissapointed you didn’t get some band shots. Bonnies gig pics are some of your best work to date. Look forward to the next installation!

    • Thanks SANDIE!! Ha yeah im wishing life was like the old dayyysssss. The processing, glad you like it but I think it needs refining. More subtle….

      The bands…. I have no idea why I didnt…some of the bands were on when the pin up and tattoos were on show. The other is the cars….. To busy looking and shooting. Dunno, pretty disappointed but hey them the brakes and there’s always next time! Thanks for the props on Bonnies gig. I also really really like them. Took a while to feel them though!

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