You maybe thinking what and who are the “RUINERS“. Morgan Sgro and Simon Watts decided to create a “car/wheel club” for a bit of fun. Nothing serious, nor nothing legit, at this stage anyway. He wanted a “club” where we could help each other out when needed, organise cruises and find other guys who are into the same deal in and around our area etc. This was the first Ruiners cruise. Nothing huge, nothing special, glorious weather, good guys, good cars, cruising down memory lane.

more photos of the day at these websites:

morgan sgro

chris cooper

ty chalwell

matty dekoke










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4 Responses to RUINERS FIRST RUN

  1. tony starr says:

    love shot “004” with the slight lens flare. nicely done.

    • thanks tony! appreciate it! just a query, have you, or do know some steps in photoshop to achieve a somewhat similiar look to kodak portra nc film?

      • tony starr says:

        ooo, good question. i’d love to know myself! i did a quick google; seems like it’s discussed in a few forums. i guess it’ll always be hard to replicate the look of film. worth the effort though i think.

      • haha portra nc is in my eyes one of the best colour films to grace our earth. and to get a “similar” look with digital would be amazing. i did a little research, it seems plausible to get a certain look, i’m just not the switched on with PS. there are some plug in programs that have preset to achieve certain looks, again, only slight research, it’d be a good purchase if you could overide the presets and change certain things.

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