after many years of dreaming to have prints for sale, i finally took the step, found some contacts, and done what is esential in photography, to have your works in print!

please find below, prints that i have made for friends and prints that are for sale.

the A3 prints are professionally framed in melbourne. All prints are made from Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique. It’s a 310gsm fiber based semi-gloss fine art paper, modeled on traditional dark room paper. Museum grade archival prints.

A3 framed prints are $200

A4 framed prints are $90

A4 un-framed prints are $50

***pricing does not include postage***

i will also print any photo you like off of my site, just holla!

contact me at

showing recessed frame-printed for a good friend of mine.

showing back of frame-professionally framed in windsor, melbourne

four prints on display and for sale in my local cafe, GREEN ZEBRA

"Sundays Mood" A3 framed - $200

"Past Or Present" A3 framed $200

"60s Dreaming" A3 framed $200

"The Lost Summer" A3 framed $200

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