Kustom Pile Up & St Kilda Hurricane

Weekly BBQ out at Lake Hume. Excellent times.

Weir chills before the pile up

Aces of Suede Kustom Pile No:4 …… This was the first time i have attended the pile up and after such a relaxed sunday, i’ll be attending in years to come. I missed tickets to the FUEL magazine Drive-In night, so we bailed on down for a day trip on the Sunday. Glorious weather in Albury, Cliche Melbourne weather as soon as we hit Seymour. Just our luck. However it was funny, relaxed and solid day trip. The Pile Up is a must tick weekend, shout out to the aces of suede for putting on such an event!


red is a catching colour to the eye!

St Kilda Beach: We bailed from the pile up due to the freezing wind(yes melbourne’s weather is bloody terrible). Grabbed some munchies on chapel St and ventured down to St Kilda Beach as both of us hadnt been there for some years. Hurricane winds met us there for some hilariously good times.


spotto xp futura coup

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6 Responses to Kustom Pile Up & St Kilda Hurricane

  1. Dave Gatt says:

    Great shots!! Love your work.

  2. tony starr says:

    nice work as always man. it’s a pity you missed the drive-in night.

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