Boxing Day Wedding Celebrations 2011

Boxing Day 2011

A very, very close friend of mine moved to tokyo, japan, some many years back. It became routine for him to come home each christmas/new year and we’d always get together. After some issues that were out of everyones hands, i hadnt seen him for 3 years. Then pretty much out of the blue a few of my friends and i started to recieve news of wedding reception celebrations….. He brought his newly wed and her parents out for the christmas period, it was an amazing day with old and new friends. Wishing you all the best Mathias and Uki xoxox

Photographers take note: I wanted to shoot this whole day on film however i only scored one roll of illford from our local camera house. I will be sending mathias the prints along with some other goodies. Thats how it should be done.

below: lighting storm a few days before christmas.

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4 Responses to Boxing Day Wedding Celebrations 2011

  1. Husband says:

    miss that day already..

  2. Mumma Boydi says:

    Thankyou so much for your pics, I was too busy most of the time, but you have captured such wonderful moments that says it all. xo

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