Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells:

i have known jye and alecia since early high school. they are the high school sweethearts that you read about in romantic novels. I was kindly asked to be a second photographer and for me to chaufer them in my falcon. there was no hesitation in a decision.

By no means do i claim myself a wedding photographer, i am just capturing my friends getting hitched!

Groom getting ready:

i have known jye for the good part of ten years and this is the first time i have seen him nervous….

Mother Nature and the Ceremony:

Mother nature was not their friend on this day. The ceremony was called inside and the bride was barricaded in umbrellas on the way to safety of the ceremony.

i have known alecia since year 7, that is a very very long time, and to say she looked absolutley stunny is an understatement. i am extrmely proud of both jye and alecia. i dont need to wish them luck…luck has been on their side since day dot.

After ceremony photos:

After the ceremony, the wedding party, myself and the professional photographer headed out to a winery to get some photos. I dont like setting up photos that much so i felt right at home capturing behind the scenes.

Mother nature put on a wild show of torrential rain and a beautiful sun burst.

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12 Responses to Wedding Bells

  1. jack says:


  2. Love these shots! Sometimes it’s better to not be the main photographer. You can get great shots with expressions that a main may not be able to capture because everyone is aware of him or her.

  3. tony starr says:

    love these chris, especially the black+whites. shooting weddings is hard work but you’ve done a great job here.

  4. Kate Miller says:

    Coops these photos are absolutely amazing. I love that nothing is posed. You have done a beautiful job with them. Well done! x

  5. Gilberto says:

    #69 really captures the essence of the moment. Really nice work. Love the old Falcon too.

  6. Everything that everyone else said here.
    Alecia was absolutely breathtaking, you’ve caught her beauty perfectly.
    Amazing pictures, I love how candid they are.
    You’re my total favourite person in the whole world right now.

  7. These photos make my heart burst and the story behind it is so lovely. I think you’re right where you need to be, I’d have you photograph my wedding at the drop of a hat.

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