Newstead SwapMeet 2012

Newstead swap: where to start?? i flew down straight after work, hit the liquor with some lovelies and pissed a fair few people off with those straight pipes.

i only stayed the saturday and sold two prints to two buddies…..wasnt the best outcome, but at least those guys were syked on them!!

Newstead race courseis the sacred land of CHOPPED….. i am sure in years to comes this swap will be massive for all the RIGHT reasons

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2 Responses to Newstead SwapMeet 2012

  1. tony starr says:

    sounds like you didn’t rate it chris? swap meets can be boring unless you’re after parts.

    • Well that’s exactly right. I was after a few things for the falcon but couldnt afford them 😦 . I love cars and the Kustom scene, but man that was a longass day in the sun!

      I was more disappointed in not selling anymore prints.

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