Bright RIO 2012 – Wash Out

Bright RIO: whether you’re into the cars, or the lifestyle, you can’t say the township of Bright isn’t one of the best settings for a hot rod show.

this is the second year for RIO and myself and fellow custom car photographer, Derek Rowen were asked to collaborate and shoot the event. Having two very different styles ment we would capture the event pretty thoroughly…

Friday night saw dancing, and more dancing. This was the first time i really had been and photographed rock n roll bands and from what I am used to(metal and hardcore shows) it was very different and an eye opener.

Friday night was the night I spoke all to soon….

Anna, in the first 5mins of meeting she slaps this dude. Excellent

Derek's Super Bee- all O.G so clean

Saturday Morning: Mother nature was getting angry early. The pin-up contest just snuck it in before the heavens opened. I missed this event from a minor case of food poisoning of some sort….yes I spoke way to soon friday night.

I missed the Roller Derby, Fashion Parade and all of Saturday night…….good times.

the rare occassion where i get my mug taken

Sunday: Not much sleep but mother nature decide to surprise us. The weather was amazing, and for anyone who hasn’t been to Whistler, Canada, you experienced it on this day that’s for sure.

The show and Shine was an utter disappointment. I am not a rockabilly guy, or a car guy, I am photographer, but i do strongly believe Customs and hot rods go hand in hand with the rockabilly scene yet i would’ve counted maybe 20 cars. Really disappointing to see. I will put it down to torrential rain leading up to the weekend…….lets hope so anyway.

Will there be a third RIO next year?

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2 Responses to Bright RIO 2012 – Wash Out

  1. maz says:

    Great pics

  2. timsweet says:

    Reblogged this on Average Guy's Car Restoration, Mods and Racing and commented:
    The car scene down-under is just extraordinary. Love to get there sometime.

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