Elsie “Nanna” Cooper

M beautiful Nan…

These photos were taken on mother’s day, when we surprised her with my parents pup.

To most of you out there who do come across these images, they may seem bland, Un-creative and simply snap shots and that is more than fine. These images tell a story of almost 26 years. My Nan has lived with our family since I was very little, and was/is almost a mother figure.

It has been a bit over a year since my parents made the tough decision to place Elsie into aged care. It killed my mum doing so and broke my heart. I think this feeling of loss shows how close we are as a family. Under the surface anyway.

Over the past few months I hadn’t the opportunity to go and visit, and when I first walked into her room that sunday, I immediately went for my camera. Elsie is becoming extremely fragile of late, and to get me through the pain and heart ache of seeing her like this, i NEEDED to document the situation.

Please take your time in observing this series of photos.

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5 Responses to Elsie “Nanna” Cooper

  1. James Ruff says:

    great photos man.
    makes me miss my nan.

  2. Oh wow I can see you in her face. Stunning pictures.

  3. Tim Bennett says:

    Great photos mate. Very inspiring, thanks for sharing this moment with us.

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