Elsie “Nanna” Cooper: Recovery


A few weeks have passed and the recovery from a broken hip in 3 spots is coming along reasonably well. The photos below were taken last Saturday around lunchtime. It took Nanna a good few seconds to recognise who I was, but once I took my glasses and cap off, her eyes shined like the brightest star! Along with her trademark giggle. An extremely beautiful moment in a not so great situation.

Recovering from such an injury at such an elderly age certainly takes its time and toll. Nanna drifts in and out of sleep quite often, and on the occasion doesnt recognise us. This is heartbreaking.

Below: I visited Nan tonight after work. They have moved her into her own “private” room which is a nice feeling to know. There was a massive difference this evening, and i am more than sure it was due to her tiredness. Her speech was mumbled and those stars werent shining as bright…..i know she is peaceful and pain-free.

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