Eldorado CC Roadtrip to MotorEx 2012 – Thursday

Where do I even start?? For me, this was the first time i had ever been on such a trip. I have done plenty of long missions when I rode BMX but this was something else, something new and very unique. A convoy of nearly 10 cars Rompt the Hume Hwy from Melbourne, through Albury, and on-wards to Sydney for 5 days of good times, and good times we had. Palms till close anyone?

My “role” on this trip was to document as much as i could, fingers crossed I have done it thoroughly enough!

A special thanks goes out to the Eldorado CC for inviting me along and organising everything. A huge thanks to the Gilbert brothers and the Poncho for the lift, El Toro for a being a dirty genius travel partner, and to everyone who came along and made me feel welcome.

Photographers Note: I think I have missed a lot of opportunities along the way, and some photos may appear very similar to others. Culling photos is difficult, especially when the guys want to see photos of their cars fanging along the highway. My kit consists of ONLY a 50mm and a 135mm lens which made it very difficult for “rolling” shots of the cars, but i think i captured enough to bring the Roadtrip to life through imagery.

I’ll let the photos till you the story. Enjoy.

not the best photo, but a memorable one for me. We heard Egans 49 beast screaming up behind us. Best!!

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10 Responses to Eldorado CC Roadtrip to MotorEx 2012 – Thursday

  1. Steve Jones says:

    Well captured Chris….nicely done with the mixture of Colour & Black & White shots!!

    Happy Cruzin

  2. pearly says:

    radical pics dude

  3. simon says:

    Awesome, Awesome looked like a blast! great pic’s as always Coops.

  4. timsweet says:

    Reblogged this on Average Guy's Car Restoration, Mods and Racing and commented:
    More good shots from Down-Under

  5. shane sharp says:

    brilliant series of shots,
    captured a great road trip.
    Bookmarked to come back for more.
    Well done Chris.
    Do you have a contact email for the Eldorados CC,as i got a few cool shots of some of these cruisers down at the Harbour Bridge on the sunday night, like to pass them on if someone wants them.
    heres a link http://www.flickr.com/photos/23438267@N08/sets/72157630802897536/

  6. Daryl Pyers says:

    id like to join up with the eldoados CC, im the guy out Dunolly with the paddock full of 60s chev/pontiacs, i bought a 63 rusty H,T off youse down resevoir, looks like the steer wheel thats on the 62 the boys are drivin came off, im also a hill country blues muso swamp/slide guitarist, im into super low taildraggin patina sleds/ pontiac&chev 60s era, ive got a shed full of coolism just waiting to hit the tarmac, all original survivers, but would enjoy the company of likeminded people who enjoy the non bling of the kustom kulture, hope to hear back, got lots of pics from out on the dirtfarm, cheers! Daryl.

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