Scotty Baker Shoot 1-9-12

At the start of the month I completed my first “portrait” work for a magazine. Fashion/portraiture isn’t my thing as I have a journalistic style, however the magazine did run the images, and has had some good feedback thus far. Personally i am disappointed with the results, but was definitely a great learning experience.

Huge thanks to Scotty Baker for being so down to earth and such an easy cat to hang out with and shoot. Very patient, and such an intriguing character. Big ups to “Telfo” for dialing this in.

Street Machine Magazine is out now and check out the Eldorado CC road trip to Sydney which I have documented here, aswell.




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2 Responses to Scotty Baker Shoot 1-9-12

  1. Frank Mendez says:

    Please contact us, we would like to ask you a few questions about your Scotty Baker shoot.

    Rockabilly Deluxe Magazine

  2. juicesaar says:

    Great photos!!! Thank you 🙂


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