A little worse for wear due to the previous nights activities, Sunday brought out a banger of a day. Clear blue skies in which my head suffered some 3rd degree sunburn.

As a photographer i really dont like shooting “show and shine’s” so please take these as what they are and admire the craftsmanship, and not necessarily the photograph.

ABOVE: Good friend of mine, Simon Watts of Wodonga, has put blood, sweat, tears and a shitload of swearing into his 62 lincoln. It has taken him god knows how long to re-build the original 430BB, but from his smiles all weekend, everything in that adventure was worth it.



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4 Responses to BRIGHT ROD RUN 2012 SUNDAY

  1. chris meyer says:

    Hey Mr cooper. Can you get i touch? Need to talk to you about poss doing some work for us on a regular basis…

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