My First wedding

I first met Craig Nye in 2010……He was the first experienced and knowledgable photographer to really take me under his wing and teach me like a mentor. Craig guided me in a direction, i feel, is the right direction, photographically and as well in life.
A year later, he was weeks away from tying the not to his gorgeous fiancé, Jen. The photographer he book bailed at the last minute….”Chris, can you please shoot my wedding?”
My first wedding photographer “job” was to shoot my mentor’s……..Stressed and under the pump to produce the goods was increased ten fold.
Personally i don’t think these are much chop…….but it captures the day, the feeling, the atmosphere and emotion.

I’ll be posting this series over the coming days.
Please Note: Alot of images were un-retrivable when my hard-drive crashed.

Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-01 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-02 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-03 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-04 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-05 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-06 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-07 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-11 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-12 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-13 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-14 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-15 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-16 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Night Before-CrcooperPhotographgy-17 copy

Jen&Craigs Wedding-Morning Of-CrcooperPhotographgy-01 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Morning Of-CrcooperPhotographgy-02 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Morning Of-CrcooperPhotographgy-04 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Morning Of-CrcooperPhotographgy-06 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Morning Of-CrcooperPhotographgy-07 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Morning Of-CrcooperPhotographgy-08 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Morning Of-CrcooperPhotographgy-09 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Morning Of-CrcooperPhotographgy-10 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Morning Of-CrcooperPhotographgy-11 copy

Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-01 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-03 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-05 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-06 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-07 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-08 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-09 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-10 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-12 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-14 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-15 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-17 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-18 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-20 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-22 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-23 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-24 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-26 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-27 copy Jen&Craigs Wedding-Getting Ready-CrcooperPhotographgy-28 copyMore to come…..

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2 Responses to My First wedding

  1. Belinda says:

    Great….love your candid style…..they are luminous, funky, nostalgic and swank….you’ve captured your subject well.

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