Craig & Jenifer Nye-Bride Arriving-2011

A few months ago now i posted the start of my first wedding as a “photographer”-

Here is the second series of that very special day.

Please note: This was my first wedding that i had actually taken photos of, let alone be the key photographer at my Mentor’s wedding. Even after a few delicious beverages, i was still sweating from the nerves.

Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-01 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-02 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-03 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-04 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-05 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-06 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-07 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-08 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-09 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-10 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-11 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-12 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-13 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-15 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Before Ceremony-CrcooperPhotographgy-20 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-01 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-02 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-09 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-12 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-13 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-17 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-19 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-21 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-23 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-24 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-25 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-27 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-28 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-29 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-30 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-32 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-33 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-36 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-39 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-42 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-49 Jen&Craigs Wedding-Bride Arriving-CrcooperPhotographgy-51

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4 Responses to Craig & Jenifer Nye-Bride Arriving-2011

  1. Jennifer says:

    These are beautiful 🙂

  2. Ket says:

    Gorgeous shots Chris. Bride would be rapt – so many beautiful moments captured 🙂

    • Thanks Ket! like i stated, it was the first wedding where i actually had my camera, let alone being THEE photographer, very nervous, shy and anxious. i missed a great deal of moments, however it was a great learning experience, and fantastic day. i dont think my glass was ever empty-amazing service haha. thanks again xox

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