OSB 2013

OSB (Oil Stained Brain) for anyone who doesn’t know, is a custom motorbike art show.

Absolutely amazed at the high quality  of bikes of all types, that were on display.

OSB was held at and by the guys of Kustom Kommune. Please check them out on the web for one of the most down earth ideas Australian motorbike culture has seen. kustomkommune.com.au

OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-01 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-02 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-03 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-04 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-05 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-06 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-07 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-08 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-09 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-10 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-11 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-12 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-13 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-14 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-15 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-16 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-17 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-18 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-19 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-20 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-21 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-22 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-23 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-24 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-25 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-26 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-27 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-28 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-29 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-30 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-31 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-32 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-33 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-34 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-35 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-36 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-37 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-38 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-39 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-40 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-41 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-42 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-43 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-44 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-45 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-46 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-47 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-48 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-49 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-50 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-51 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-52 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-53 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-54 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-55 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-56 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-57 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-58 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-59 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-60 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-61 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-62 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-63 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-64 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-65 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-66 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-67 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-68 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-69 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-70 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-71 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-72 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-73 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-74 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-75 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-76 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-77 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-78 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-79 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-80 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-81 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-82 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-83 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-84 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-85 copy OSB 2013-CrcooperPhotography-86 copy

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2 Responses to OSB 2013

  1. scudamor says:

    Great work mate!

  2. Lambert says:

    Cool event!

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