Random November

A collection of photographs through out the month of November.

RandomNovember-CrcooperPhotography-01 RandomNovember-CrcooperPhotography-02 RandomNovember-CrcooperPhotography-03 RandomNovember-CrcooperPhotography-04

5:30am Sunday morning. ISO6400RandomNovember-CrcooperPhotography-05

5:30am Sunday morning. ISO6400 RandomNovember-CrcooperPhotography-07

5:30am Sunday morning. ISO6400 RandomNovember-CrcooperPhotography-09

5:30am Sunday morning. ISO6400 RandomNovember-CrcooperPhotography-11

An incredibly special friend in my life, BB.RandomNovember-CrcooperPhotography-12 RandomNovember-CrcooperPhotography-13 RandomNovember-CrcooperPhotography-14


RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-01 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-02

Rosebud beach, Vic, Aus.RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-03 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-04 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-05 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-06 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-07 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-08 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-09 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-10 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-11 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-12 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-13 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-14 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-15 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-16 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-17 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-18 RosebudBeach-CrcooperPhotography-19

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2 Responses to Random November

  1. acsellaa says:

    I love how you see the world through your lens! I will follow your blog to see more of your works!!Congrats!

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