Kustom Nationals-Phillip Island-2014

Kustom Nationals-Phillip Island-2014

I was only there for the saturday this year. I decided to use my Leica M2-35mmNokton-Ektar100. Why? I wanted a change and a challenge, i managed both, a great result and feeling refreshed.

these are straight scans from my local CameraHouse-Photographs have not been edited, Besides the watermark.


KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography01 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography02 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography03 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography04 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography05 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography06 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography07 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography08 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography09 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography10 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography11 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography12 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography13 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography14 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography15 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography16 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography17 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography18 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography19 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography20 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography21 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography22 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography23 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography24 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography25 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography26 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography27 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography28 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography29 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography30 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography31 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography32 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography33 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography34 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography35 copy KustomNationals-2014-Ektar100-CrcooperPhotography36 copy

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8 Responses to Kustom Nationals-Phillip Island-2014

  1. Sheeds says:

    Nice shots! I didn’t get to the track – however saw the cars at Cowes on display on the Saturday arvo. Here’s my album of shots with a Lumia 1020 smartphone, with a mild HDR vibrancy boost filter applied (nothing else) to show-off the colours of the classic cars and their era!

  2. tony starr says:

    you nailed these man. i love the look of film but it never seems to likes me… all my rolls turn out all over or under exposed, completely blank (from not loading the film right) or i’ve just used the wrong film speed. well done!

    • hey thanks, Tony. It means a lot to hear that. One of the main reason i chose to shoot film was to see how my style differs from my digital stuff, composition and especially how my post production look in comparison.

      do you use an external light meter? what film camera have you got?

      • tony starr says:

        external light meter yes, although i tend to get lazy with it… fuji superia on 35mm and fujicolor pro on medium format. it’s a while now since i shot anything using film though.

        do you feel your compositions are different using the leica / film? even though i mostly exclusively use a 50 prime on both my 5D and M9, i find with the rangefinder (it’s probably a manual focus thing too) that my style is slightly different even though the focus range is the same.

  3. Luiza says:

    Pretty cool cars! Love it♥

  4. bsutho says:

    Dude you killed these, there awesome. I really need to start shooting more film cause I focus more. But great work

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