Impromptu Trip to Bright

20minutes after the random decision to head up to Bright saturday morning, we were on the road., chasing a few other cats for some golden throat charmers and good times.

30Aug2014_7393 copy 30Aug2014_7394 copy 30Aug2014_7395 copy 30Aug2014_7396 copy 30Aug2014_7397-Edit copy 30Aug2014_7400-Edit copy 30Aug2014_7402 copy 30Aug2014_7404 copy 30Aug2014_7406 copy 30Aug2014_7408 copy 30Aug2014_7409 copy 30Aug2014_7422-Edit copy 30Aug2014_7411-Edit copy 30Aug2014_7413-Edit copy 30Aug2014_7416-Edit copy 30Aug2014_7418-Edit copy 30Aug2014_7420-Edit copy 30Aug2014_7421-Edit copy 30Aug2014_7431 copy 30Aug2014_7430 copy 30Aug2014_7429 copy 30Aug2014_7426-Edit copy 30Aug2014_7424-Edit copy 30Aug2014_7436 copy 30Aug2014_7434 copy 30Aug2014_7433-Edit copy 30Aug2014_7432-Edit copy 30Aug2014_7438 copy

30Aug2014_7439 copy

31Aug2014_7391 copy


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