Camera Nerds

Each wednesday a few of my work buds and i, head out for some brews, food, adventures and talking cameras. Its really refreshing to have that push to go and shoot outside of what i would normally as well as handing down information i have learnt over the years. 15Jul2015_0189 15Jul2015_0190 15Jul2015_0192 15Jul2015_0194 15Jul2015_0195 15Jul2015_0198 15Jul2015_0199-Edit 15Jul2015_0200 22Jul2015_0161 22Jul2015_0162 22Jul2015_0165 22Jul2015_0168-Edit 22Jul2015_0169 22Jul2015_0172-Edit 22Jul2015_0174 22Jul2015_0178 22Jul2015_0179-Edit 22Jul2015_0180-Edit 22Jul2015_0182 22Jul2015_0188

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4 Responses to Camera Nerds

  1. Bob R says:

    I like the black & white shot of the gentleman with what appears to be a shovel. What are they barbequing?

  2. mondetrekker says:

    There is a great feel to the monochrome BBQ image, well done.

  3. tony starr says:

    camera nerds FTW!!!

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